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Pavla Marie Poulová

Hello, my name is Pavla and I am a Tantra therapist and bodyworker. Working with Tantra means for me that I work with Life energy - in other words, with Sexual energy. Sexual energy is what leads us through our whole lives. It starts before we are born and stays with us for the rest of our lives. We need to take care of our Life energy, we need to appreciate it and value it.
For example, when you fall in love, you are literally unstoppable! You don´t feel hunger, you are not tired, every complicated situation is piece of cake and that's because your Life energy is flowing one hundred percent in your body but also in your energetic body. Your heart is open and you can easily deal with life.
With a treatment I can help you to see all the beauty inside and outside your body. I can help you to release tension, anxiety and all the unuseful old basic fears that we all carry with us. I can help you in this process. I am the facilitator, it is you who does the work of letting go and releasing anything that no longer serves you.
I work with body memory through touch and various other tools such as massage techniques, shamanic work, soundhealing, aromatherapy and sacred ropes.
I have a deep connection and gratitude to the Mother Nature. She supplies me with many of my other tools such as hot stones and essential oils.

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Pavla Marie Poulová - Therapy Touch

John Picard

How do I describe myself? Sailor, Soldier,Father, Son, Aid worker, Lover, Healer. I have been interested in bodywork and relationships all my life. I discovered Tantra while serving as a soldier in the Iraqi desert, and from there have studied with many world class teachers, John Hawken, Margot Anand, Dawn Cartwright, Andrew Barnes among others.For me Tantra is a journey of love, self love, and finding love to share with another. An exploration of Tantra starts with your heart. As we live our lives, often our hearts become cold,and closed. Tantra is a path of heart opening, and when the heart is open, miracles follow. When I work with people I am patient, slow, present, and caring. There is no goal as such, during a session, as we are both on a journey together. Before the treatment starts, we have a chat about where you are in your life, and what changes you want to bring into your life and relationships. We discuss boundaries, and I observe your boundaries during the massage. The Tantra session can include massage, coaching, or simply talking through your issues. A respected male massage therapist, a recognised Reiki Master and Tantra massage therapist, I continue to add to my extensive skill base by studying Shamanism,Tantra and Bioenergetic therapy with the world renowned and respected John Hawken. of The Tantric Path in the UK and Czech Republic. In 2013, I completed my Lomi Lomi massage training with Louise Kleu and in 2014 I attended Andrew Barnes intensive Tantric Body De Armouring training. In 2016 I graduated from the International School of Temple Arts, and have assisted as a tutor on the recent ISTA training in Ireland. I am currently finalising my studies with John Hawken as a professional Tantra Massage therapist. John Picard
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John Picard - Tantra Massage therapist

Mick Sawtell

A Tantra massage presents a beautiful safe opportunity for a woman to truly relax and feel more deeply and fully into her feminine essence . The massage also offers the opportunity to experience real honesty / openness / intimacy and trust in a non - judgmental environment ... A rare chance to share what's really going on emotionally without the usual fear of judgement , rejection or expectation . Any physical or emotional issue or symptom we have is not actually the 'Big problem' that we think it is but is actually a signpost to where upset or trauma has happened in the past and where healing and emotional release is needed . The problems are stored in the body and that's where the healing work has to be done - talking therapy or counseling often just can't go that deep - This is the area where Tantra can really help ... To deeply feel and enjoy 'conscious touch ' without any agenda or the need to respond in any way is a rare and very powerful healing experience - and it's just for you ! All of this will be of course entirely on your terms - so first we have to discuss and agree all the boundaries so that you can completely relax in trust and let go to the healing experience of your own internal bliss . It's difficult to put into a few words why I chose to learn Tantra but first I'd like to say that throughout my life and my relationships I knew , deep down inside , that I needed some sexual healing . It's not easy to admit that - especially on a public website -but looking back I see that i have found healing within myself and in so doing I've learned how to help others . I've realised that actually most of us have issues around our sexuality - some more deep than others - but it's amazing to be able to say that Tantra addresses these issues and delivers a beautiful gentle healing to feelings and problems we thought were so deeply ingrained we just have to accept them.