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Pavla Marie Poulová

Hello, my name is Pavla and I am a Tantra therapist and bodyworker. Working with Tantra means for me that I work with Life energy - in other words, with Sexual energy. Sexual energy is what leads us through our whole lives. It starts before we are born and stays with us for the rest of our lives. We need to take care of our Life energy, we need to appreciate it and value it.
For example, when you fall in love, you are literally unstoppable! You don´t feel hunger, you are not tired, every complicated situation is piece of cake and that's because your Life energy is flowing one hundred percent in your body but also in your energetic body. Your heart is open and you can easily deal with life.
With a treatment I can help you to see all the beauty inside and outside your body. I can help you to release tension, anxiety and all the unuseful old basic fears that we all carry with us. I can help you in this process. I am the facilitator, it is you who does the work of letting go and releasing anything that no longer serves you.
I work with body memory through touch and various other tools such as massage techniques, shamanic work, soundhealing, aromatherapy and sacred ropes.
I have a deep connection and gratitude to the Mother Nature. She supplies me with many of my other tools such as hot stones and essential oils.

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